Erick Erickson

The RedState Morning Briefing was the most frequently cited 'go-to political blog' for conservatives featured on Time Magazine's list of "40 under 40" rising stars in American politics. Those who recognized RedState include:

Marco Rubio
Nikki Haley
George P. Bush
Sean Duffy
Nick Ayers
Mike Lee
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The RedState Morning Briefing is the daily information source that fuels conservative talk radio and informs our lawmakers.

Sent by Editor Erick Erickson before 5am every weekday, the Morning Briefing stays ahead of other news sources with current, well researched information that supports the conservative values of smaller government, free markets, and lower taxes. Erickson and's front page contributors provide a snapshot of the news that the mainstream media is ignoring and clarify the news that is widely misreported.

The RedState Morning Briefing is politically incorrect and proud to be conservative.